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Picture Books

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Education Publications


I have written fiction and non-fiction books for the Sunshine Starters Series and the brand-new Reading Road Series for Sunshine Books.



I have also written non-fiction articles for Pearson Education Australia's Comet, Explore and Challenge magazines. love the huge variety of things that authors for educational books can write about.

I have written articles about learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, how maps are made, and how cows were milked in the olden days. I wrote about some castaways who stitched their trousers together to make a small boat so they could escape a desolate sub-Antarctic island. I even got to interview a fairy princess and a US pilot who flies planes into hurricanes!

Short Stories

'Chemistry on our side' was included in Great Mates, an anthology of short stories edited by Barbara Else, illustrated by Philip Webb and published by Random House New Zealand in 2011.


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